How to protect your data, your vehicles, and your people against automotive cyber threats?

The connected car constitutes a more complex security threat than you think.

Modern vehicles increasingly connect to the rest of the world via short range wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, wired interfaces such as OBD-II and USB, long range wireless communications such as 4G and the coming 5G for internet, and services such as OnStar, LoJack, and Automatic, to name only some. That world includes your enterprise and the criminal hackers and cyber carjackers who want to undo your data, your corporate fleets, and your people.

The costs of their attacks include exposure of personal identifiable information and private data, and exposure or destruction of valuable intellectual property, according to Eric Friedberg, co-president at Stroz Friedberg. Loss of life in the midst of vehicle destruction/collision weighs heavily as a potential personal, professional, and corporate cost, as well.

CSO explores the vulnerabilities and risks of automotive cyber-attacks and methods for securing your data, human resources, and the connected vehicle environment.

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