5 Canadian security conferences in 2017

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As every year I find myself working through the list of upcoming conferences around the world. One thing that I’ve always been pleased about is the rich variety that is available right across Canada throughout the year.

I’m going to apologize in advance to the conferences that I leave out of this list. There is no ill will meant for any and I will revisit them in the future. For the purpose of this article I will address 5 Canadian security conferences that will be held in 2017 that you really should check out. This list is presented as a stream of consciousness as opposed to having any rhyme or reason.

First and foremost is the Northsec conference that will be held in Montreal, Quebec from the 16th until the 21st this May. I was very fortunate to give a talk at this conference almost two years ago now. The audience is very receptive and the venue is quiet nice. It is located in the old part of Montreal which is a selling point for me in its own right. The conference has a well regarded Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. This isn’t a small contest. They have 400 competitors on 50 teams.

Link: https://www.nsec.io/

The next entry is the down home entry from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Atlseccon conference is a personal favorite of mine. For some strange reason they are letting me come back to speak again this year. The conference will be taking place in April on the 27-28th at the World Trade and Convention Centre.

This year the conference has managed to get an excellent keynote, Dr. Jessica Barker. I’m looking forward to attending this year as well as speaking myself. I have to admit that there is some salt water in my veins…in addition to way too much coffee.

Link: https://atlseccon.com/

This year I had a logistical failure in my travel that was frustrating to say the least. In my attempt to make it back to Canada in time I missed my connection. As a result I wasn’t able to keep my keynote slot at the Countermeasure security conference in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. Based on all of the messages I received as I sat cooling my heels in the airport I missed a great conference.

Hopefully I will have a chance in the future to remedy that missed speaking slot.

Link: https://www.countermeasure.ca/

But, what about the left coast? Well, of course I cannot miss talking about the venerable CanSecWest. This conference is held every March in Vancouver, British Colombia. I do have a great deal of frustration in this case. As a father of two there is a week every March where my wife and I are tied up with the kids for their March break holiday. As luck (or the lack thereof) would have it, this conference lands on this week every year. I’m just going to have to take the whole family to Vancouver next year.

Link: https://cansecwest.com/

The back to Toronto in the center of Canada. Well, not really but, one can’t help but to make a joke or two. In Toronto we have the Sector Security Conference. Keeping full disclosure in mind, I’m on the Advisory Board for Sector so, I’m rather jaded in favour of this conference. This past year we had the 10th iteration of the conference and it was a great time! I’ve had a problem in the past where Sector was booked at the same time as several other conferences but, in 2017 the conference actually moves over into November on the 15-17th.

Link: https://sector.ca/

All of the aforementioned events treat their speakers really well and as a attendee all are worth the time. Be sure to check out some Canadian content in 2017.


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