1 million cybersecurity job openings in 2017

CIOs and CISOs need to cross-train IT workers to fill cybersecurity positions, and it won't be easy.

Group of people waiting for interview

Can armies of interns close the cybersecurity skills gap? asked a Fast Company story in September of 2016. Not likely. In the U.S., and internationally, there's not enough cybersecurity grads -- or computer science grads with cyber credits. In the U.S., students can graduate from some of the top computer science programs with little to no cybersecurity courses.

For every cybersecurity grad, there's a job. But that will only put a small dent in the number of entry- and lower-end positions which include titles such as information security analyst.Those people play important roles by monitoring screens of information displaying abnormalities and alerts, and other tasks. However, it's the experienced mid-level to senior cybersecurity specialist positions that are the most daunting to fill.

The top experts in the cybersecurity field are in a candidate's market with numerous reasons to be looking around. Retaining them, and recruiting others is where the rubber hits the road for the heads of IT and security teams.

So, what's a CIO or CISO to do?

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