10 biggest hacks of user data in 2016

And how to protect yourself in 2017

10 biggest hacks of user data in 2016

You take great pains to come up with a strong password when registering for an account on a website -- only to see your efforts go for naught when that site gets hacked. Several sites had their databases of user accounts not only breached but stolen this year, which include the necessary information for logins (i.e. username, password). The following sites are ranked starting at the fewest number of user accounts with passwords that were taken.

Also, these hacks were reported to have been executed during 2016. So this list does not feature Myspace (427 million user accounts stolen) or Yahoo! (a cool billion). Both were hacked supposedly before 2016, but were only reported this year. This list also does not include reports of user records that were exposed due to poor security, but where there is no evidence they were actually stolen.

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