4 historic security events of 2016 and what they teach us [Infographic]

From the massive data breaches at Yahoo to the election hacks, history will look back on 2016 as a very instructive year indeed.

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What is it they say about failing to learn the lessons of history and being doomed to repeat it? However the famous saying goes, I think we can agree that the events of 2016 can be very instructive if we choose to pay attention.

Just yesterday, for example, Yahoo disclosed a breach from 2013 involving more than 1 billion user accounts — and those are unrelated to the 2014 breach disclosed in September involving over 500 million user accounts.

Among the lessons from the Yahoo breaches is that hackers are very good at what they do and are getting increasingly sophisticated. What can you do to prevent an email-based attack from happening in your organization? Above all, pay attention to the human element.

“One of the things you have to think about here is that the target surface is not technological, it’s human,” says Kevin O'Brien, CEO and founder of GreatHorn in this interview with CSO Online’s Joan Goodchild. “Much like how 15 years ago the biggest threat to your organization wasn’t a piece of malware, it was somebody pretending to be the UPS driver walking in the backdoor, getting access to your facility. Well, today it’s a digital equivalent of that — someone pretending to be a trusted partner, a customer, even another executive.”

For more on 2016’s historic security events and what your organization can learn from them, see the following infographic from cyber risk consultancy TSC Advantage.

historic breaches 2016 infographic TSC Advantage

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