November 2016: The month in hacks and breaches

Here's how the holiday season is heating up for hackers.

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On November 13, the breach notification site LeakedSource disclosed that FriendFinder Networks, Inc., which operates such websites as and, had been hacked and over 400 million customer accounts were compromised.

In addition to being the largest leak of 2016 (the 360 million records from leaked from MySpace in May comes in second), this data breach also marked the second time in 2 years that FriendFinder users had their account information compromised.

Then, over Thanksgiving weekend, news broke of a malware attack on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). In the days that followed, CSO's Steve Ragan covered the the story as it unfolded (here and here and here). Ultimately, while the attack resulted in some free Muni rides over the holiday weekend, the attacker didn't collect the 100 BCT (roughly $73,000) ransom he requested.

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