Keeping the C-suite from getting speared by phishing

As phishing attacks get more complex (and lucrative), companies are finding that targets are in the executive suite (CEOs, CFOs, etc.). I recently had a chance to speak with Kevin O’Brien, founder and CEO of cyber-security firm GreatHorn, about ways that security leaders can fend off spear phishing attempts that go beyond just another security awareness training program.

Among the highlights of the video are the following sections:

1:02 Why is spear phishing (targeting business leaders at the top) so lucrative for attackers?

2:05 How has this tactic changed over the past few years?

3:20 Why awareness programs alone are not effective when it comes to the C-suite.

4:24 Can companies reduce phishing based on improving spam filtering techniques?

6:22 Why do C-Suite members make such good targets?

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