Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory / robotics / automation

NanoLock’s zero-trust cybersecurity suite to protect industrial machinery, production lines

Vendor claims to be the first to offer device-level protection solutions designed for legacy and new industrial machinery and smart factory production lines.

digital identity / authentication

Open-source standard aims to unify incompatible cloud identity systems

The project uses open source tech and a new common policy format to manage identity access policies across multi-clouds, on-premises systems, and vendors.

An abstract network of nodes or endpoints.

What Microsoft Defender can tell you about your network

Microsoft Defender for Business alerts can show what's happening in your network. The better you understand your network, the faster you can triage alerts.


Linux security shield

Top Linux endpoint protection software

Malware attacks on Linux systems are on the rise. These free and low-cost tools provide good endpoint protection.

Blurry hands typing on computer keyboard

Keyloggers explained: How attackers record computer inputs

A keylogger (short for keystroke logger) is a tool that can record and report on a computer user's activity as they interact with a computer.

open source box open box out of the box empty

Google to launch repository service with security-tested versions of open-source software packages

The paid Assured Open Source Software service will offer common open-source packages after vetting the provenance of its code and dependencies.

sucessfully transitioning to devsecops

Rezilion launches Dynamic SBOM for software supply chain devsecops

Rezilion’s new Dynamic SBOM (software bill of materials) works with its devsecops platform and is designed to help security teams understand how software components are being executed in runtime.

binary cyberattack cybersecurity hacked protected

CISOs worried about material attacks, boardroom backing

CISOs are also less concerned about ransomware attacks, but many says their organizations are still not properly prepared for them.

The shadow of hand unsettlingly hovers over a keyboard.

China's cyber espionage focus: intellectual property theft

The recently uncovered Operation CuckooBees campaign shows how serious China is about using IP theft as a competitive advantage. Protect IP now or chase it later.

wireless network - industrial internet of things edge [IoT] - edge computing

MITRE ATT&CK v11 adds ICS matrix, sub-techniques for mobile threats

The latest version of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework addresses two of the most pressing threat-actor targets: mobile devices and industrial control systems.


An open lock sits on a credit card lying on a computer keyboard.

PCI DSS explained: Requirements, fines, and steps to compliance

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a cybersecurity standard backed by all the major credit card and payment processing companies that aims to keep credit and debit card numbers safe.

managed security service providers

Palo Alto, Deloitte enter U.S. MSSP market with expanded partnership

The Palo Alto-Deloitte announcement introduces a significant new player into the growing managed security service provider space as organizations increasingly invest in specialized services to address cyberthreats.

First aid kit > help / fix / patch / remedy / recovery

12 steps to building a top-notch vulnerability management program

Security experts share their best advice for the essential ingredients of a solid vulnerability management program, including foundational elements to put in place, workflows to establish, who to involve, and metrics to track.

Unitd States cybersecurity   >   U.S. flag with a digital network of locks instead of stars

The US federal cybersecurity bureaucracy: A guide

A high-level look at the national offices and organizations involved in protecting the US from cyber threats.


Intel bets big on security as a service for confidential computing

At its inaugural Vision event, Intel launched a security as a service initiative called Project Amber for confidential computing in the cloud, and outlined its support for secure and responsible AI and quantum-resistant cryptography....