12 steps to lower your espionage risk

Corporate espionage is the domain of companies that steal information to gain competitive advantage. Here's how to take the target off your back.

Can your employer spy on your iPhone or Android phone?

"What company would not like to know exactly what its competitor is doing?"

When we talk about corporate espionage, we're talking about companies stealing information that gives them a competitive or economic advantage, writes Chuck Easttom in the new 3rd edition of his book Computer Security Fundamentals. It's not showy, often low-tech and sometimes downright dirty, as exemplified by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's admission that he "hire[d] private investigators to sift through Microsoft garbage in an attempt to garner information."

In chapter seven of this beginner's guide for aspiring security professionals, available for download below, Easttom explains the concept of industrial espionage, outlines the low-tech methods used to steal corporate data, explains the role of spyware and how it works, and offers instruction on how to protect your organization.

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