Trend Micro’s Enterprise Play

Long known for endpoint security, Trend now offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for enterprise organizations

I spent a few days with Trend Micro last week at its Insight event here in Boston.  While Trend is a $1 billion + global cybersecurity vendor, too many cybersecurity professionals still think of Trend as an Asian-based AV player.   This perception is completely antiquated however, as Trend now offers:

  • A tightly-integrated next-generation endpoint security suite.  There’s a lot of industry rhetoric out there proclaiming Trend as a legacy AV vendor.  Don’t believe it!  Yes, Trend Micro’s endpoint security product has been around forever but the company has continuously enhanced its technology to keep up with the latest requirements.  Most recently, Trend added machine learning for pre- and post-execution prevention/detection of 0-day malware which puts it on a par with the next-generation endpoint security crowd.  Oh, and Trend also offers its own EDR functionality as well.  Armed with its new product, Trend’s layered endpoint defense should meet the security efficacy and operational efficiency requirements of even the most demanding enterprises.
  • A strong network security defense portfolio.  Now that the dust has settled from Trend’s acquisition of TippingPoint a year ago, the company also has robust products for network security.  After HP let TippingPoint languish for a few years, Trend is once again investing in R&D, enhancing its IPS performance and usability.  Furthermore, Trend plans to integrate TippingPoint network prevention capabilities with its Deep Discovery network “sandbox” for malware detection.   This integration should bolster security while streamlining operations. Trend faces stiff competition here and the company doesn’t offer a network firewall, but its IPS/sandbox story should play well, especially in the small enterprise market.
  • Cloud and virtualization support.  Trend has a history here as it was one of the first vendors to work with VMware VMSafe APIs years ago.  Today, Trend provides server security tools for VMware NSX as well as other cloud technologies like OpenStack, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.  It has quietly become a hybrid cloud security leader while it watches for opportunities with container security in the near future.    
  • A reputation for good field and product support.  While our industry is gaga over “next-generation” security technologies, Trend recognizes that technology alone isn’t enough.  To bridge this gap, Trend is committed to training its people, hiring field engineering talent, and providing proactive support.  Several customers I spoke with raved about Trend’s support capabilities, saying that they view the Trend people as, “an extension of my own staff.”  This is strong compliment indeed.

These highlights just scratch the surface of what’s happening at Trend Micro.  The company’s enterprise portfolio also includes threat intelligence, email security, DLP, etc.

In an industry where too many vendors brag about “silver bullet” capabilities that don’t exist, humble Trend Micro’s portfolio is much better than cybersecurity decision makers realize.  CISOs are actively winnowing down the number of cybersecurity technology vendors they deal with, replacing one-off point tools with more integrated solutions.  If Trend can marry its technology prowess with more boisterous marketing, it should win its share of these types of deals.   

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