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Google's new Pixel phone

All the brand new features of the Pixel will not protect it from increasingly frequent security threats: each user should take necessary precautions in order to protect their data, passwords or any sensitive online transactions. A new smartphone is also an attractive one-stop location for hackers who'd like to access personal bank account data, credit card passwords, name, address, social media accounts and so on.

NordVPN lists some of the security apps that should be on the top of users' mind once they crack open the box.

1 tor messenger
Tor Project

Secure Messaging Apps

In order to communicate safely on a smartphone, Tor Messenger is a convenient solution. Tor Messenger is launched by Tor Project creators, who offer the world's most popular encrypted internet browser, synonymous with the dark web. Tor Messenger is a cross-platform chat app that is secure by default and sends all messages over Tor Network. The app supports a good number of transport networks, such as IRC, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Yahoo, and others, and enables Off-The-Record (OTR) messaging - a safe and encrypted way to have private conversations - over Tor's network of computers for greater anonymity.

Password Security apps

Secure messaging

Signal is an encrypted messaging and voice calling app that provides end-to-end encryption to secure all communications. The app can also verify the identity of people one is messaging with and the integrity of the channel they are using. When texting with non-Signal users, one has an option to invite them to an encrypted conversation via Signal.

3 1password for business
1password for business

Password Security apps

It's always advised to change passwords in order to stay safe online, and that means having to use a unique password for each site or account. Those who work in teams, often experience a password issue: there are just too many passwords to remember for all the accounts. 1Password for Teams (from the makers of the original 1Password) lets an entire team securely log in with only one single password, as the app remembers all the real passwords. The data is encrypted before any information leaves a device. A new product is 1Password for Families that allows a family to share passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information. The app remembers everything, keeps the information safe and signs one into their favorite sites with one click.

5 nordvp

Internet encryption apps

Those who aim to keep all their online activity private, should get a VPN for their phone. A VPN creates a connection tunnel that automatically encrypts all the data coming in and out of a device, secures the internet traffic, and effectively protects anyone using the Internet. NordVPN (Virtual Private Network provider) has launched a new app for Android that re-routes and encrypts all Internet traffic making the connection private and secured.

6 mysecuremail

Email security apps

My Secure Mail is a universal email client for Android to manage unlimited number of mail accounts from various providers. All your email will be in one place, and protected by encryption: the app offers encryption of sent emails, as well as password-protected signing, encryption and decryption of emails.

7  applock

Android data security apps

Applock, an Android app, can lock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any other app, preventing unauthorized access and guarding user¹s privacy.

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