Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents — a free course

Training provider Logical Operations offers a free online course on how to collect, preserve and analyze evidence from cybersecurity incidents — and prepare for the court case.

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One of the biggest mistakes companies make when responding to a cybersecurity incident is taking well-meaning steps to “clean up the mess” that actually ruin the digital evidence needed to investigate and prosecute the case.

Learning to securely preserve that forensic evidence is key to a successful legal case. In partnership with IDG Enterprise, training company Logical Operations Inc. presents a free online course on this timely topic: Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents.

In three video sessions, you’ll learn skills such as how to plan the forensic investigation; collect, protect and analyze the evidence; write an investigation report; work with law enforcement; comply with relevant laws; and prepare for case for court.

It’s a follow-up to the free course Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents, which continues to be available. Both classes are part of the company’s full CyberSec First Responder certification course.

Sign up now for the free course “Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents,” presented by Logical Operations and IDG Enterprise.

To take these online courses, you’ll need to create an account at the Logical Operations website, but there is no obligation or fee. The pre-recorded video course can be taken at any time — to fit your busy schedule — and includes a valuable ebook covering the course material.

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