The best places to live for cybersecurity jobs that pay

Where to go to earn the big bucks in IT

1 intro
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The IT gold rush

IT and cybersecurity jobs are overly adunbant right now, which isn't going to change any time soon. CompTIA recently released its 17th annual Cyberstates 2016 Research Report, a state-by-state analysis of the U.S. tech industry, which coincided with Indeed's blog post highlighting by city the top paying cybersecurity jobs. Here's a look at the top states and cities where talent is in high demand and enterprises are willing to lure you in with high compensations.

2 california
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The California dream come true

Since the Dust Bowl, it's been seen as the land of the plenty with opportunity abounding. Should you head west in search of work, you can trust you won't be treated like one of the Joads. According to the CompTIA report, California continues to lead the nation with the highest average industry wage for tech workers.

3 minneapolis
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On the move to Minneapolis

While California being a beacon of technology and innovation comes as little surprise, it is not the only city with allure for those who are looking to grow in IT careers. According to Indeed, Minneapolis--with job posting from Target, UnitedHealth Group, and MoneyGram (to name a few)--ranks the number one city for the most job postings.

4 seattle
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Finding the needle in the haystack

Famous for the impressive Space Needle structure, the tech industry has found a home in Seattle and Washington at large. CompTIA said, "Washington ranked second with annual average wages of $129,400 in 2015." Washington is also one of the 10 states in which the average tech wage was more than doubled the private sector wage. Amazon, Nordstrom, and Oracle are three enterprises looking for skilled candidates in Seattle alone.

5 sanfrancisco
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Putting the gold in the Golden Gate

CompTIA found that the largest net gain in tech jobs between 2014-2015 was--not surprisingly--in California. San Fransico remains highly competitive, and the modern day handbills posted by GE Digital, First Republic Bank, Visa and others are legitimate postings where the pay is impressively high. "California continued to lead the naiton with the highest average wage for tech industry workers at $149,300 in 2015."

6 dallas
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Dallas, a rising star in IT

Texas ranked second overall for tech employment with average wages in the tech industry coming in just shy of $100,000. Indeed reported that industry leaders from Citi to Verizon, PepsiCo, Lockheed Martin, and Dell are all in search of talented practitioners across sectors of IT services, engineering services, and telecommunications.

7 denver
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Bucking Broncos

Denver has for a few years now been a secret little hub of IT. As more enterprises have started to call Denver home, transplants have taken to cheering on the bucking Broncos. The CompTIA report said that Colorado and Maryland followed Virginia by tech concentration with 9.0 percent and 8.6 percent of their private sector workforce in the tech industry, respectively." In Denver specifically, CatholicHealth Innitiatives, EchoStar, and Lockheed Martin are just a few of the companies posting tech positions.

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