Machine learning offers new hope against cyber attacks

Game-changing technology could deliver a new level of protection for enterprise networks

Machine learning offers new hope against cyberattacks

Based on the disturbing number of successful data breaches over the past few years, it’s pretty evident that organizations are being overwhelmed by the growing number of threats.

However, a new breed of security solution has sprung up, offering to apply machine learning to enterprise security. These tools deliver the ability to analyze networks, learn about them, detect anomalies and protect enterprises from threats.

So, is machine learning the answer to today’s cybersecurity challenges? Industry analysts and companies offering these products say they’re seeing increased demand, and the early reaction from users is positive.

“Machine learning is the major security trend of 2016,” says Eric Ogren, senior security analyst at 451 Research. “Every security officer now knows that behavioral analytic products offer the best chance of catching attacks that elude static preventive defenses.”

And machine learning is the heart of behavioral approaches, he says. “There is nothing like watching, listening and learning,” Ogren adds. “Machine learning observes behavior in defining a statistical profile of normal activity for a user, device or Web site. This is important, as it provides the foundation for behavior analytics to prevent major damage from attacks that slip by anti-threat defenses or abuse authorized activity.”

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