How to buy endpoint security products

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In our testing of 10 endpoint security products, we found that no one product does everything. You will have to make compromises, depending on what other security tools you already have installed and the skill levels of your staff. While there is no single product that can suit all situations, endpoint configurations and IT requirements, there are a few key things to consider in your purchase:

1. Going agent or agentless. A few of the products we tested don’t require endpoint agents, but the trade off is that you will need to setup LDAP or clean up your Active Directory domain and make use of network switch SNMP management and other connections to your network fabric.

The upside of the agentless approach is that the product can track endpoints that might be used to compromise your network, such as IP cameras and other embedded devices that aren’t running traditional endpoint operating systems.

Another upside is because there is no code installed on an endpoint nothing is exposed to a potential attacker.

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