June 2016: The month in hacks and breaches

Here's how the summer is heating up for hackers.

01 day breach calendar year

News hit over Memorial Day weekend of a massive breach of the social network Myspace. Usernames and passwords of 360 million past and present users were stolen. This may end up being the largest data breach of all time, according to Sophos researchers.

At mid-month, the GoToMyPC hack reminded us that old data breaches will continue to rear their ugly heads. This hack was one of several that can be blamed on the 2012 LinkedIn hack, says CSO's Steve Ragan. "The organizations that have been targeted operate in the manufacturing industry, retail industry, and a number of other verticals," Ragan said. "The common thread in each case is the LinkedIn list, generic password policies, a lack of two-factor authentication, and remote access software from services such as GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and TeamViewer."

Other (not)highlights of the month:

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