'It's High Noon': Blizzard authentication servers fall offline

Players reported authentication issues for more than an hour


Early Monday morning, gaming giant Blizzard had server issues, which led to authentication lockouts for gamers attempting to access Overwatch, Hearth Stone, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Heroes of the Stone, and more.

During the outage, a person claiming credit for the attack said Monday's problems were just a test, promising more outages in the future.

The person claiming credit for Blizzard's issues Monday morning goes by the handle AppleJ4ck. Prior to outages being reported, they tweeted "Here we go," before commenting to Blizzard customer support an hour later that they were just doing preparations – "Take care of my packets, thanks."

When criticized by others over their stated claims, AppleJ4ck responded that they're doing players a favor.

"The fact that you let a couple of pixels affect your entire day is just sad, in a way; I’m doing y’all a favor."

In a brief statement, Blizzard said they were investigating "an issue affecting our authentication servers" that could result in failed or slow login attempts. However, the company didn't confirm the issues were DDoS related.

Just over an hour later, Blizzard said that the previously mentioned issues were resolved. However, users outside of the U.S. were still reporting login issues as of 0500 EST. Players in the U.S. said that authentication was working as expected.

AppleJ4ck has been previously linked to Lizard Squad, a group notorious for DDoS attacks against gaming platforms, including the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

In April, Lizard Squad targeted Blizzard and its employees. The group managed to keep Blizzard down for just over two hours, and leaked screenshots of staff email accounts, claiming to have compromised them.

Salted Hash has reached out to Blizzard for a statement, and additional confirmation. This article will be updated should they respond.


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