Jeremiah Grossman to take on ransomware at SentinelOne

"I want to make an impact in a new fight," says the WhiteHat Security founder.

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WhiteHat Security founder Jeremiah Grossman has joined startup endpoint protection provider SentinelOne as chief of security strategy, after announcing in March that he would be leaving WhiteHat.

In his 15 years at WhiteHat, Grossman held various executive titles, leading the development of a number of application security products and building one of the industry’s largest professional hacker teams. In the blog post announcing his departure, he gave a nod to some of WhiteHat's "firsts":

WhiteHat was the first company to adopt a Software-as-a-Service model in Application Security. Though our statistics report that thousands rely upon, we were the first to bring measurable data to the industry. We pioneered the founding of two industry groups, OWASP and WASC. We led the creation of the first AppSec lexicon, the Threat Classification, and the language everyone uses when speaking AppSec. We’ve released much of the most cutting-edge and foundational security research to date, which has raised awareness globally. And we were the first vendor to offer a security guarantee. I’m sure sure I’m missing several other firsts, but already no other company has such a record of industry contribution and market success.

So what is Grossman hoping to accomplish at SentinelOne that he didn't or couldn't accomplish at WhiteHat?

"Nearly 20 years ago, I had a strong feeling that the security of the Web and of Web applications were going to become an extremely important issue," Grossman said via email. "That's where I wanted to make an impact. Over the following years, I made a deep commitment and investment in investigating Web security, eventually pioneering what has become today's application security industry. WhiteHat was, and still is, the #1 company in that space."

"Today, I want to make an impact in a new fight. Ransomware is an incredibly effective and fast-growing form of malware that is making a huge impact on real people around the globe. It is becoming more sophisticated and popular as an attack vector, and will only get worse from here. The opportunity to work with SentinelOne allows me to work side by side with other brilliant and highly motivated people who are all helping to solve this growing problem of malware and ransomware. Once I met this group of people and learned about what they were doing, it was clear to me that this was the best place for me to join in the fight."

Grossman told Infosecurity magazine that "a big reason" he's at SentinelOne is that “while there are many hands looking at the ransomware problem including researchers, academics, vendors, and so forth, there is definitely no slow down infection rates. It’s out of control. So far, no one really has found an answer the market has accepted."

Prior to founding WhiteHat, Grossman was Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo!. He is also founder of the Web Application Security Consortium (WASC).

SentinelOne’s Next-Generation Endpoint Protection technology has earned praise from multiple directions for its ability to autonomously detect and mitigate threats without any network access; with industry analyst firm Gartner recently nominating them as a ‘Visionary’ vendor in the latest Endpoint Protection Platform Magic Quadrant. Their technology and vision has already earned them $40 million of VC funding and ringing endorsements from Fortune 500 customers who have replaced their entire installed base of legacy endpoints with SentinelOne solutions.

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