Unique security challenges facing healthcare IT

Ellen Derrico of RES joins CSO to discuss the demands and challenges healthcare IT faces in security - particularly when it comes to ransomware. When life or death is on the line, what are industry leaders are doing to respond when their network is taken hostage?

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While many security issues translate across multiple industries, there are cases where specific industries have unique challenges. What is serious to the automotive industry might not be as serious to the publishing field, for example.

There are few places where this is this more evident than the healthcare industry, which has seen ransomware attacks on the rise in recent months. In an environment where patient care is at stake and lives are at risk, there is little time wait to respond when a network is held hostage.

In the latest episode of Security Sessions, I spoke with Ellen Derrico from RES about what makes healthcare IT different in some of its issues and responses to computer security.

Among the highlights of the video are the following sections:

2:18 How healthcare IT needs to act differently when it comes to security training for clinicians (doctors, nurses, etc.)

5:35 What BYOD means to the healthcare space and what regulations may limit mobile devices.

7:19 The unique aspects of ransomware and why healthcare IT is more likely to pay up.

Even if you’re not in the healthcare space, you may find similarities or understand more about the unique challenges facing this industry.

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