The CSO 2016 Security Data Analytics Survival Guide

What you need to know about how analytics are changing cybersecurity

data analytics charts

Is big data security analytics still a thing? A handful of years ago security and big data were mentioned in the same breath as one might say peanut butter and jelly, and big data security analytics was the buzz phrase that was buzzing the most loudly in every corner of the security industry. Perhaps the security big data analytics hype machine hit its most fevered pitch in 2013.

Today, we don’t hear quite as much about “security big data.” But that doesn’t mean that it’s no longer relevant. To tweak a phrase familiar from Gartner, the hype is cycling down from the peak of inflated expectations and, hopefully, heading to the plateau of productivity.

Big data security analytics is about using security analytics to improve security and obtain value from cybersecurity efforts. It’s about helping security teams to focus on the threats, vulnerabilities, and security controls that matter. A good big data security analytics program should help organizations do just that.

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