Security vs. IT: Your 2016 career outlook compared

Annual IT Salary Survey shines a light on hiring and compensation trends

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For its 2016 IT Salary Survey, CSO Online's sister site Computerworld polled IT professionals across the full spectrum of job titles and functions. What they told us in some ways reflects what we already know to be true: Security pros are paid well, rate job satisfaction high, and will make a move for money.

But there are also some standout differences between security pros and their IT peers that are reflected in these numbers.

For example, information security managers saw the biggest increase in average total compensation (6.36%) of all job titles from 2015 to 2016, but they are still earning less than many of their IT peers. Data warehousing managers ($126,667), database managers ($128,302), cloud computing managers ($130,400) and application development managers ($129,342) all have an average total compensation (salary + bonus) higher than information security managers ($122,340).

At the same time, security pros are more likely (73.9%) than IT pros overall (60.7%) to say they had been approached by a hiring organization or "headhunter" about job opportunities in the last 12 months.

Security professionals are also more likely than IT professionals in general to cite increased salary (79.7% vs 74.6%), job security (45.7% vs. 36.4%) and more vacation time (33.3% vs. 29.1%) as factors that would influence them to change jobs. (They are less likely than other IT pros to be influenced by the promise of access to new technology.)

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