Tips and tricks for building a great security team

Creating an effective security program in your organization starts with staffing a team of innovative and smart people to support the security mission. In our first edition of Security Sessions, Josh Feinblum of Rapid7 shares his experience and insight on building a security group

Phil Roeder (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)

In order to have an effective security program, you need a great team to implement and innovate on how to keep your organization secure. So what if you’re asked to build (or rebuild) a security team? What are some first steps to take? And how can you maximize the hiring process to ensure you are getting access to the best talent available at varying levels?

In this debut edition of Security Sessions, Josh Feinblum, Vice President of Information Security of Rapid 7, talks to us about how to make the most of the team-building process.

Among the highlights of the video, are the following sections:

3:30 Where to start if your mandated with building a security team.

5:12 How to get the best talent in the industry during the hiring process.

9:00 How to measure success along the way to building a great team.

We hope you’ll take away some advice you can use to create a talented, agile security team in your organization.

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