How do you break into a private network? All it takes is a free dinner

David Spark asked conference attendees at RSA 2016 how to access their network. What's the secret? The answers might surprise you

steak for dinner (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)

Think your corporate or personal network is buttoned up and impenetrable? Security pros know better, but that didn't stop many from offering some pretty confident answers about how tough it would be to access their sensitive data recently at RSA 2016. David Spark of Spark Media Solutions roamed the show floor and asked conference attendees "How do I break into your network?"  Answers range from overconfidence to just plain funny.

 Responses like "You can't" and "It's impossible" came up several times.  Others admitted in an age where we live our lives so publicly on social media that finding information that could be used for network access was probably easy.

"Find all the stuff I leave on social media networks," answered one person. "It's like a bread crumb trail."

 Others sound like true, hardened security veterans.  

"Every network in the world is hackable," said one interviewee. "The safest network in the world is not connected to anything."

 But it looks like the easiest way to gain access to a network may simply be to wine and dine the person holding the keys, as "Buy me dinner" was also a common answer.

Check out the video below.

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