Netanyahu: “I want Israel to become a cyber power”

Speaking at CyberTech 2016, Israeli prime minister calls for cross-country sharing of cyber threat info.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Israel has a long tradition of delivering security products for enterprise IT, dating back to Check Point introducing the first firewall 20 years ago. Today, Israel exports $6 billion in cyber technology and accounts for a fifth of the world’s private investment in cyber. Network World’s David Strom attended last week’s CyberTech 2016 conference in Tel Aviv and filed this report.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- It isn’t often that a speech from a head of state at a tech conference is relevant to IT security managers, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address at last week’s third annual CyberTech 2016 focused on where the Israeli government and its IT security industry are heading.

Netanyahu offered a plan for cross-country sharing of cybersecurity threats, demonstrated his knowledge of the tech industry, described the economic opportunities of cyber-tech and outlined policy changes that he wants to see to further strengthen Israel’s role in both overall technology and cybersecurity in particular.

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