REVIEW: Cyphort makes advanced threat protection easier than ever

Advanced Threat Defense Platform 3.3 combines multiple security layers in one easy-to-deploy package

Over the past few months, we’ve reviewed a variety of cutting-edge security tools that combat advanced persistent threats (APTs); everything from threat intelligence to virtual sandboxing to privileged identity management. And while all of these programs have been powerful, they all had varying degrees of complexity when it came to usability and customization.

The Advanced Threat Defense Platform 3.3 from Cyphort aims to provide deep protection while also being simple to use and easy to customize, even for less experienced cybersecurity teams.

It combines multiple layers of security, including sandboxing, signature identification, threat intelligence and machine learning. And it can offer endpoint protection without the need to install agents on every system. We reviewed this new defense platform for several weeks on a large testbed network.

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