Interview questions to throw you off guard

When looking for a new job, don’t get tripped up on these questions.

man and women executives sitting in office shaking hands and interviewing

Sure there are those boilerplate questions such as do you work well with others or what are your strengths and weaknesses, but there are a few questions that interviewers ask that they hope will set you apart from the others.

Jeff Schilling, CSO at managed security provider Armor, likes to ask prospective candidates about their home network. “I like to get a sense that folks who are watching our cybersecurity tools have a love for tinkering around or have their own lab and treat cyber security as their passion and hobby, not just a job.”

He said the worst responses are “I am not sure” or “that is not really important to me.”  But the best response he ever got was when the interviewee leaned back in his chair with a guilty look and asked: “Why do you want to know.”  Turns out this prospect had a very elaborate home network with gaming, Linux labs and public cloud honey pot collecting.  “I really think he thought he was in trouble,” Schilling said.

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