Ben Carson on Cybersecurity. Not.

A call out to Ben Carson from the cybersecurity community.

Ben Carson and Donald Trump are in a neck and neck race for the Republican party nomination.

Numerous media channels recently put Carson ahead of Trump for the first time.  But during the past week a spotlight has been shined on Carson's past while The Donald has been... well... The Donald --- hogging eyeballs without spending ad dollars for them.

Is this race going to remain close all the way through the home stretch and down to the wire?  Or, will one of these candidates make a surprise move and pull away?

Carson, Trump, and the rest of the field have all talked to the big issues -- the economy, taxes, our military, foreign affairs, education, abortion, healthcare, and more.  It is unlikely that either candidate can hang their hat on one of these issues and expect to move even a horse length ahead of the other at this point.

Strangely, just about the entire field of candidates have ignored cybersecurity.  Only a couple of laggards - Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina - have addressed cybersecurity and what is means to our nation and citizens.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that John McAfee - the 'Cyber Party' Independent candidate - published his McAfee 16 Cyber Security Doctrine.  In it, McAfee spelled out the cyber threats facing the U.S., and what he would do about them if elected President.

McAfee's Doctrine is the perfect opportunity for Carson to come forward and speak on cybersecurity.  If not, Trump may jump on it.  While Trump has been largely silent on the topic himself, he tends to use his larger than life personality to brush over some complicated issues - while making it sound like he's in command of them.  Carson is the more methodical and soft-spoken candidate who can address cybersecurity head-on - and tell the American people how he would lead our cyber military.

Dr. Ben - this is a call out from the cybersecurity community.  Please, tell us where you stand on cybersecurity.

In your opinion, are we in a cyber war against China?

Are Russian hackers aiming at the U.S., and do you think they are supported by the Russian government?

Are airplanes carrying U.S. passengers more likely to be hi-jacked or cyber-attacked?  And what should we do to protect our (cyber) air space?

Obama recently budgeted $16 billion for cybersecurity.  Is that enough and what do you think of his plan?

Ben Carson on cybersecurity. "Not" is all we have right now, meaning - nothing.  If you'd like to share your position on this critical issue - you just may pull away and ride home with the Republican nomination.  Or you might get Trumped if The Donald finally sounds off on cyber.

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