Holiday messaging tips for the security team

Early November is a good time to send out pre-holiday security messaging to the whole company

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October is over and we mark the end of the Cybersecurity Awareness month. However your cybersecurity awareness efforts need not come to a stop. Rather November is a good time to rebrand your October awareness campaign into a pre-holiday awareness campaign.

The holiday season typically marks an increase in online security scams and email phishing attacks. This is therefore a good time to send out a pre-holiday message to the company with tips for staying safe online. The pre-holiday message can look like this: 

Dear employees,
As we approach the holiday season, malicious activity tends to increase and online scams and phishing attempts will be on the rise. We want to share some tips with you on staying safe online, both at home and at work.
<Add top 10 list of scams>
<Add rebranded or remessaged tips from October>
Stay Safe,
Your information Security team 

Content for your top 10 list is something you can put together yourself from past history or some sites such as this have a nice top 10 list of scams that you can use as a starting point. If you do have a separate awareness program for your high risk team of privileged users (highly recommended), then I suggest sending a reminder about how they are especially important and that they should continue to be on heightened awareness for the holidays.

Security training is an important tool in our arsenal and leaning in on security awareness for the holidays is a good preemptive step in the right direction.

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