October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Tips for a successful October of cybersecurity awareness!

October is cybersecurity awareness month and is a great opportunity for information security teams to get some free air time for their cybersecurity awareness campaigns.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a co-sponsor of the cyber awareness month, has laid out a distinct cybersecurity awareness theme for each week of October and the staysafeonline organization has listed a calendar of security awareness related events for October. What can you do to leverage these cybersecurity awareness activities and resources for your security awareness program?

For starters, how about opening with an email message to the company on Oct. 1 to remind them about the importance of cybersecurity awareness and to inform them of the events available for October. If your business permits, this message can be emailed to your customers as well.

On the intranet side, put up a content page on your department website (linked to a banner on the main company intranet landing page). This content page can be as simple as reproducing the email letter sent out on Oct 1 or can have links to the DHS themes for the week including the weekly Thursday twitter chat using #ChatSTC. See this content page from FBI 2014 as an example of a content page for the department website.

You can also consider some customer outreach like a town hall (virtual or in person) with some key customers. Find an event that relates closely to your organization and build up publicity around it. For example if you are with an educational institution, then you could participate in the program on staying safe on campus

Finally, consider partnering with the in-house marketing and communications team. More often than not they will be excited to partner with you and will provide some valuable tips and content editing assistance, that will add some great finishing touches to your campaign.

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