How to respond to Chinese cyber attacks: Call them?

 How to respond to Chinese cyber attacks: Call them?

In this segment of The Irari Report’s discussion about Chinese cyberespionage, Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes interview Lt. Col. Bill Hagestad, author of Chinese Cyber Crime, about how companies should respond if they believe they are being hacked by China. They go into detail about where to look for signs of successful attacks, the Chinese mindset as to how they target their potential victims, how to determine the scope of the attack, how to respond to the attack, and who you should reach out to for help.

Topics covered, including time stamps, include:

The first place to look to confirm if China is hacking you and the Chinese mindset in how they target their victims (1:00)

What do you do when China is confirmed as your attacker? (2:20)

Should you really contact China if you suspect them of hacking your organization? And how to contact them? (3:38)

Given all of the hype about China, what is the reality that a China-based attack is actually a Chinese government sanctioned attack? How to make the determination if it is a Chinese-sanctioned attack. (5:40)

What’s the real likelihood that an attack is not being launched by China, and the reality about the failure of protection mechanisms (7:40)

How does the lack of consistent laws between the US and China impact security programs? (8:47)

Why the Chinese will not launch a destructive attack against the US and other countries. (11:00)

This interview goes into detail about the real nature of Chinese cyber attacks, and the mindset required to approach detection and response to cyber attacks.

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