Old-school anti-virus vendors learn new tricks

Testing reveals that traditional AV vendors have added defense-in-depth, BYOD protection

anti virus software 1

In an era when businesses are scrambling to defend against sophisticated advanced persistent threats, old school anti-virus may seem like a relic. But traditional anti-virus companies are changing with the times, delivering defense-in-depth for a BYOD world.

In this review, we looked at products from seven of the original anti-virus vendors, each dating back to at least the 1990s: AVG, ESET, Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec, Panda Software and Trend Micro. We focused on ease of installation and management, ease of use, plus the protection each suite offered beyond traditional signature-based anti-virus. Special emphasis was placed on the software’s ability to also protect mobile devices running both iOS and Android. (Read an analysis of the antivirus market.)

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