Anonymous aims cyberattacks at depraved animal cruelty websites

Brace yourself pet owners and those of you who love animals, as the level of sickness may make you puke, but Anonymous hacktivists are raising awareness by attacking sites which feature depraved animal cruelty.

Do you remember four years ago when 4chan went on the hunt for a girl who threw puppies into a river after the video of that vile drowning deed was posted on the Internet? Well, her actions seem almost tame compared to the animal cruelty websites which some Anonymous hacktivists are trying to wipe from the Internet.

Brace yourself pet owners and those of you who love animals.

Anonymous has been running an operation that raises awareness of animal cruelty featured on animal abusing X-rated websites. The level of depravity is not hidden away on the deep web as .onion sites accessible only via Tor, but is instead on the normal web via many sites listed as .coms. There is a large list of #OpBeast targets on ghostbin, including some sites that Anonymous and RektIt have either removed, seized or defaced.

OpBeast Anonymous / RektIt

However, I don't recommend being curious enough to check out even one of the sick sites still listed as targets, as that curiosity might make you throw up. In fact, checking out the hashtags associated with this campaign can lead to Twitter-posted images that can never be unseen.

The campaign began in early April under the name "Operation Null Denmark." The original goal, according to Counter Current News, was "to pressure the nation of Denmark to change the law on bestiality." But it became "much bigger than just Denmark alone. It is now a widespread op, which is about taking down as many sites as possible by means of seizing/defacing as well as DDoSing until their host decides to drop them from their services."

As more hackers from the U.S., UK and Netherlands joined the campaign, the operation's name was changed OpBeast.

Anonymous campaign name change for cyber attack operation OpBeast OpKillingBay

I don't know about you, but I was blissfully ignorant on the subject until I saw the news on Hack Read about Anonymous launching cyberattacks which removed "six animal-porn websites" and defaced seven more.

OpBeast web defacement Hack Read

A different Anonymous animal rights campaign under the banner of OpBeast was run in 2013, but it was aimed at saving wolves in Sweden. It seems unlikely that hacktivists are done fighting that battle since hackers allegedly breached a Sweden Secret Service printer in January and fiddled with the climate control system in the Sweden Policy building. The Cryptosphere reported that the "highest security police had their heaters turned to very cold in their office."

Unless you secretly belong to Anonymous and plan to join the fight, then I strongly and seriously advise you not to check out the sites listed as targets in the newest operation against animal cruelty. The images posted on Twitter that are associated with the campaign cannot be unseen, might make you puke, and are practically guaranteed to rile up people who love their pets.

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