ISIS online strategies and recruiting techniques

In the inaugural edition or our webcast, tentatively named, The Irari Report, we interviewed Jeff Bardin of Treadstone71, who is one of the world’s top experts in infiltrating extremist online activities. The interview covered a wide variety of details about ISIS online activities, their recruiting strategies, and related topics.

Topics that we cover in our interview with Jeff include:

  • What it takes to infiltrate a terrorist online presence
  • What makes people want to join ISIS and commit acts of terror and barbarism
  • What makes teenagers and twenty-somethings more susceptible to ISIS recruiting strategies
  • ISIS’ tiered approach to identifying potential recruits
  • The ISIS scoring system for determining whether someone should be recruited
  • What characteristics does ISIS avoid in a potential recruit
  • Why companies are looking to engage in online intelligence collection
  • What should parents be on the lookout for regarding their teenagers and terrorist recruiters

Jeff Bardin went into great detail on the subject matter, and provides an incredible context on why world events transpire the way they do. He also helps explain the underlying thought process of what leads people to do the inexplicable. This is one of the most fascinating interviews relating to understanding how social networks lead to terrorist recruitment.

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