HP Acquires Voltage Security

Today came news that the software giant HP has made a new acquisition. This time they have picked up the encryption vendor Voltage Security. Congrats to Sathivk Krishnamurthy and team.

The Cupertino based Voltage Security was founded in 2002. They offered solutions that dealt with data security, email encryption, mobile data security and the list goes on. Oddly enough I was a little surprised that they had not been scooped up long before this. Question is, will this be a good move?

Often we read of small companies being bought up by larger firms only to be relegated to the slag heap later on. Whatever the result happens to be I hope that they were well compensated in the deal. HP has intimated that they intend to use the Voltage technology to build out their cloud security offerings. This purchase will meld well with HPs previous purchase of Atalla Solutions.

Voltage has been running along nicely since 2007. That was coincidentally the last time they went out looking for venture capital funding. At the time in October 2007, they received $12 million in a round of funding from Trident Capital [http://www.voltage.com/pressreleases/PR071022.htm].

From the press release:

Voltage Security® today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by HP. Voltage’s proven data-centric encryption and tokenization technology will complement HP’s security portfolio, helping customers protect their most sensitive information whether it lives in the cloud, across mobile platforms, in big data environments, or within legacy computer systems for critical regulatory compliance.

I hope this works out for the team at Voltage to the upside. Not sure when the deal will close and for how much. It is unclear when the deal will close based on their press release.


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