Mobile security

5 steps to more mobile-security-savvy employees

It takes more than policies and penalties to make your workers smart about mobile security.

When it comes to mobile device security, we are our own worst enemies. Despite the fact that many people have come to rely on their mobile devices 24/7, most users don’t appear to be getting any smarter about security, researchers say.

In 2012, 44% of adults were unaware that security solutions existed for mobile devices, according to Symantec’s Threat Report. That figure rose to 57% in the security vendor’s 2013 report, which was released in April 2014. Researchers say a lack of education among users is partly to blame. For example, people who move to smartphones after years of using feature phones with limited security requirements often aren’t aware of the need to install security apps.

Looking ahead, experts agree that mobile malware and scams will only increase as users pack their phones with rich and sensitive data. Those devices often also have access to corporate data because most employers include mobile devices in their arsenal of productivity tools.

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