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I’m in the process of wrapping up my second year with (ISC)2 as a board member. To be clear, I’m not up for re-election until next year. I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised with the amount of work we’ve been able to get accomplished. But, like any situation such as this the results will take some time to be made evident to a wider audience. If you try to turn an iceberg with an Evinrude outboard motor you will make the turn but, it will take some time. 

The term for a sitting board member is typically three years and they can sit for two terms. I can safely say that this has been a lot of work but, I have found it to be a positive experience as I have worked along with my fellow board members to improve the organization for the membership. This year there are four open slots available for election as a couple members have come to the end of their terms. There are two open spots up for grabs and two sitting incumbents who are running to renew their terms as well for a total of four seats. The election voting period runs from November 16th until November 30th. 

If you are a current member of (ISC)2 in good standing you are eligible to vote. Now, to the meat of the situation. What is the process for board elections? You can get answers to question regarding the board elections process here.

Who is running this year? First off (ISC)2 has a far more approachable election this year. We have rolled out a page with all of the candidates and their bio which you can view without having to login as was the case in previous years. Here is a link to the board slate. In order to cast your votes you will need to login to the (ISC)2 portal.

This year the candidates include:

Allison Miller
Doug Andre
Flemming Faber
Meng-Chow Kang
Steven Hernandez

and incumbents

Greg Thompson
Wim Remes

In addition to the board slate page there is a new forum on LinkedIn so that members can ask questions of the candidates directly. Yes, you read that correctly. You can join that forum here

The part that I have enjoyed has been listening to feedback from members who see the organization as improving. This makes me happy to hear. We want to hear more of that and we’re going to have to earn that feedback. 

We also need members to do their part and GET OUT AND VOTE! I can't stress that enough. We need you to vote. Login and cast your votes now. You can also follow along on on Twitter using the hashtag #ISC2Board15.

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