Where to find security certifications

Some say they are essential to a successful security career. Others argue they are an outdated concept and a waste of time. Despite the debate, here are 10 places to further learn about the security trade and the certifications required for some jobs in the info sec field.

Security certification

Security certifications

The debate rages on whether gaining security certifications means much. Regardless of whether you think they aren't even worth the paper they are printed on, there are others who believe certifications prove the individual knows what they are doing. With that, here are a group of vendors who offer security certifications.



According to its site: "We were there for the first internet security incident and we’re still here 25 years later. We’ve expanded our expertise from incident response to a comprehensive, proactive approach to securing networked systems. The CERT Division is part of the Software Engineering Institute, which is based at Carnegie Mellon University. We are the world’s leading trusted authority dedicated to improving the security and resilience of computer systems and networks and are a national asset in the field of cybersecurity."

Upcoming courses here.


Certified Wireless Network Professional

"The CWSP certification is a professional level wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program. The CWSP certification will advance your career by ensuring you have the skills to successfully secure enterprise Wi-Fi networks from hackers, no matter which brand of Wi-Fi gear your organization deploys."

Upcoming exams listed here.



CompTIA has four IT certification series that test different knowledge standards, from entry-level to expert. A list of certifcations can be found here.


Global Information Assurance Certification

According to its site: "Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is the leading provider and developer of Cyber Security Certifications. GIAC tests and validates the ability of practitioners in information security, forensics, and software security. GIAC certification holders are recognized as experts in the IT industry and are sought after globally by government, military and industry to protect the cyber environment."

For a list of certifications offered, go here.


Information Assurance Certification Review Board

As stated in its charter: "The Board will sponsor a world-class certification set, that meets or exceeds the needs of organizations and individuals wishing to hold candidates to the highest possible level of professional certification in the area of information security. As much as it is feasible, the Board will remain independent from any commercial organization."

The IACRB currently offers certifications for 7 job-specific responsibilities that reflect the current job-duties of information security professionals.


International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

According to its Web site: "The (ISC)² CBK is the accepted standard in the industry and continues to be updated to reflect the most current and relevant topics required to practice in the field."

To find out more about what it offers, go here.



"As an independent, nonprofit, global association, ISACA engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems," according to its Web site.

To find out more about the training offered, go here.


McAfee Institute

McAfee's motto is "Your Place to Learn Real-World Skills & Advance your Crime-Fighting Career!"

Find out more about its certifications here.



Mile2 is a developer and provider of proprietary vendor neutral professional certifications for the cyber security industry. MIle2 has a laundy list of internationally recognized cyber security certifications.


Security University

According to its site: "Since 1999, Security University has led the professional cybersecurity education industry in hands-on information security training & education. Security University provides uniform IT security workforce training with performance based, tactical hands-on security skills that qualify and validate the workforce so less people can do the same job or more, with consistent cybersecurity skills."

If you have taken other certification courses, please let us know how they went in the comments section.

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