Top 10 threats, trends and business priorities for security executives

Some of the most critical issues concerning security executives as they relate to internal and external threats, trends in IT such as BYOD and cloud, and the alignment of security strategies with business priorities

I've been getting a number of inquires regarding by blog. More the the point, folks have been wanting to know why I haven't published recently. Two major factors contributed to my lack of contribution in recent months.

One, I've really been a road warrior as of late -- even for me, the guy that is always blogging about Singapore, Brazil, Australia, etc. In fact, for the first time in a professional lifetime of heavy travel I was averaging more than 150,000 miles a quarter. I don't suggest this as a lifestyle choice -- unless that choice is to emulate George Clooney in Up in the Air.  Two, I recently changed jobs; you can learn more about that by checking out my updated profile. But now I'm back.

Besides helping stimulate the top lines for the good people at United Airlines, Starwood, and Hertz, all that travel has culminated in an interesting top 10 list. About 90 percent of my time has been with executive-level decision makers with government and Fortune 500 companies. I listened to their concerns, I took notes, and I aggregated the material. This has culminated in a list of technical and non-technical elements that seem to be a high priority of security executives regardless of vertical or geography.

Over the coming weeks and months I will address each of the top 10 priorities as an individual blog. Some of these priorities will be predictable while others will seem a bit left of center. At least that what my impression after correlating my data.

Stay tuned.

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