Black Hat USA 2014: Scenes from the show

From tin foil hats to hackable baseball stadiums, there were quite a few interesting and entertaining sights at this year's Black Hat USA

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of Grant Hatchimonji


of Grant Hatchimonji

Cheers! To your personal information

Authentification solutions company Authentify opted to go for the bleak version of Cheers for their booth, which was styled as a pub with a perhaps too welcoming atmosphere.

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Tough security

Norse, a proactive security solutions company, opted for the exceedingly literal approach for the workers at their booth.

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They're watching you

When a company like Securonix is using its intelligence platform to monitor your events as well as your identity and access data, perhaps you want them to be a little on the paranoid side, tin foil hats and all.

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Very subtle

Given that the company's defense solutions include spear phishing awareness training, ThreatSim probably wishes that phishing attempts were this obvious.

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If only destroying malware were as easy as shooting targets at close range with a Nerf gun, like you could do at ThreatTrack's booth.

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Everything is connected

Parsons set up multiple displays to demonstrate how everything from your home to your city's ballpark (see next slide) can be infiltrated by attackers. In this set up, a "smart home" has been compromised and both the thermostat and door locks can be manipulated remotely.

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Lights out

Here, Parsons shows how the lights for Boston's own Fenway park (seen in the background) could be manipulated by compromising a crucial component of a nearby power substation.

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