TSA: Power up your mobile or lose it

TSA to travellers, power on your mobile devices before you fly

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The US Transport Safety Administration (TSA) has let it be known that international travelers heading to the United States will need to power on their mobile devices before being permitted to board their flight. If it won’t power on they won’t let you travel with it. This change in the TSA screening process is due in part to apparent threat intel against airlines heading to the US.

From DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson

I have directed TSA to implement enhanced security measures in the coming days at certain overseas airports with direct flights to the United States. We will work to ensure these necessary steps pose as few disruptions to travelers as possible. We are sharing recent and relevant information with our foreign allies and are consulting the aviation industry.

I don’t doubt that this may in fact be a real problem. Be sure to keep your mobile devices full charged if you’re traveling with them. Also, be sure to remember that the TSA should not ask you to enter your PIN into your device. You do not need to provide them access. You only need to demonstrate that they device will power on.

If your mobile device will not power on you can most likely expect to receive added security attention.

From TSA

TSA will continue to adjust security measures to ensure that travelers are guaranteed the highest levels of aviation security conducted as conveniently as possible.

Now, turn your head and cough.

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