iPhone 6 and iWatch touted in scam email: Aims to lure Apple fans who can't wait

Don't fall for the latest Apple scam, which touts the iPhone 6 and iWatch

Apple iPhone 5S (1)
Martyn Williams

A scam email claiming to be from Apple is attempting to con consumers with the unannounced iPhone 6 and iWatch. See also: iPhone 6 release date, price, specs, new features: When is iPhone 6 coming out?

Although the email looks fairly convincing with Apple style images, logos and more, it aims to get people to visit a bogus website. It claims to be from sales@apple.com and states 'The wait is over. Proudly introducing the new iPhone 6' in the subject line.

The email focusses on the iPhone 6 which is one the most anticipated smartphones of the year, but importantly hasn't been announced by Apple. The firm isn't expected to reveal the new smartphone until September.

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There are multiple images of the iPhone 6 from different angles and there's also a section dedicated to the hotly rumoured iWatch.

"Launch and switch between applications quickly. Bigger display, transparent mode, better cloud integration. Shoot, edit, and share video like never before. Slimmer, faster and sleeker. Discover many more features that make iPhone 6 the best iPhone yet." says the email.

It also touts iOS 8, a Sapphire Glass front and the fact the device will be available in two different sizes: 4.7- and 5.5in. Read: iPad 6 release date, price, specs, new features.

The lure of an iPhone 6 and iWatch might be too tempting for some but we implore you not to click on this email or similar ones if it should land in your inbox.

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