Advanced Persistent Threats: Top of mind and top of list for enterprise executives

As security professionals, we at Fortinet are keenly aware of the sophisticated threat landscape and accelerating pace of reported hacks resulting in data breaches. However, we were curious what was top of mind for senior IT/Security leaders at the average enterprise. So we recently commissioned a quick (3 question) survey to understand security priorities in general, next generation firewall projects in particular and how high up in organizations concern about advanced persistent threats (APTs) went.

Not surprisingly, Protection from/Detection of APTs was top of the priority list. However, I had not expected it to be cited by nearly 75% of respondents. Nor did I expect it to be a top priority all around the world. (Survey participants came from North America, Europe and Asia.)

Also surprising to me is that APTs were a C-level or even board concern 69% of the time.

For more detail, you can read the full survey report here {Insert link}. But I was glad to see such a high priority placed, at such a high level of the organization, on this security challenge. You can also check out the practitioner’s view here. Or share your views in comments below.

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