Conspiracy Theory With Teeth: Government Allegedly Forced TruTV To Yank FEMA Camps Episode

What is one sure-fired way to feed a conspiracy theory? Make a TV episode supposedly exposing a conspiracy theory and then, after alleged government pressure, have truTV yank that episode off the air. The episode was Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory "Police State" about "secret" FEMA camps or fusion centers.

What is one sure-fired way to feed a conspiracy theory? Make a TV episode supposedly exposing a conspiracy theory and then, after alleged government pressure, have truTV yank that episode off the air. The episode was Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory "Police State" about "secret" FEMA camps or fusion centers. There are still no public answers as to why this happened. It is, at the least, thought-provoking.

Although I did not see this episode when it aired, and had never seen Ventura's Conspiracy Theory series, I did watch the program via YouTube to see what all the fuss was about. "The secret government plan to spy on, round up, and imprison innocent Americans." Taken from the narrator's description, "Jesse Ventura uncovers a plot to force martial law on law abiding citizens, replace 50 states with 10 giant prison sectors, fill up hundreds of concentration camps with people like you and me, and pull the trigger with a disease pandemic."

According to Alex Jones, truTV pulled the episode from the airing schedule due to government threats. Jones added that he isn't allowed to talk about it, something to do with government men in black showing up, and "they are now remotely erasing it off of DVRs." In theory, these videos posted at the bottom of this article are not expected to stay up on YouTube very long before being pulled. I advise you to also watch it and see if it makes you go hmmmm.

The thing is, I do watch what is happening to our freedom and our privacy, innocent people in peace groups put on watchlists, so there were many things I did know in this episode and many that I did not. The huge stockpile of hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins, that can hold four bodies each, is very creepy and only a tiny piece of the puzzle. But be warned, allegedly you can also land on a watchlist for being a conspiracy theorist.

According to the ACLU, the number of fusion centers jumped from 40 to at least 72. ACLU'S Mike German, a 16-year veteran of the FBI's Special Agent in domestic terrorism, said fusion centers have no guidelines and no oversight.

During Ventura's exposé, he says, "That Government plan to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and round up anyone deemed a National Security threat, it's documented; it's called Rex 84. It was cooked up under the Reagan Administration by Col. Oliver North." He adds that the Council of Governors, established by President Obama on Jan. 11, 2010, divides America into 10 sectors. In case of a national emergency, the country is quarantined into these sectors and the president can send in the military and round up dissidents. Where would these people be taken?

FEMA camps? Ventura and Jones visited "residential centers" that were designed by Halliburton and others to hold whole families. Ventura said they look like prisons with barbed wire, double fences, railroad tracks just like Nazi Germany, and were intended for rounding up immigrants, aliens and also dissidents. The bill H.R. 645 called for the creation of these camps to be run by Homeland Security.

Activist William Lewis on Ventura's show said he has found over 800 detention facilities -- concentration prison camps. They can even be found on old military bases; a way to spot them is supposedly the barbed wire. If the barbed wire is turned inward, it's meant to keep the people in from getting out. Most barbed wire that protects facilities is designed pointing outward to keep people from getting in.

Then Ventura and Jones traveled to Madison, Georgia, where they saw hundreds of thousands of stacked plastic coffins that could hold four bodies per container. Again, the trail seemed to lead to a Halliburton contract. These "coffins" were "officially plastic grave liners with lids." Shortly after taking video of this mass coffin pileup, workers came in and hauled off the coffins. Jones added that he believes FEMA and the CDC may intend to trigger a pandemic to bring in martial law.

In 2009, Popular Science debunked FEMA Camps and the reasoning for the "500,000 plastic coffins" -- just in case you want on opposing investigation viewpoint.

Ventura tried to get answers about the facilities, including why the posted sign on the residential facility used the term "escape" -- which usually implies someone inside is being held against their will. There were many "no comment" answers, even when Ventura went to talk to the congressmen who helped sponsor H.R. 645 and the creation of these "concentration camps." Congressman Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania "left his office" when Ventura showed up for an interview. Another co-sponsor of H.R. 645, Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee, said FEMA camps "don't exist."

If you don't intend to watch "Police State Fema Camps," then you should at least consider watching this portion. Congressman Cohen denies the existence of these camps; when asked why would we be building FEMA camps and their purpose, Cohen states, "Well we wouldn't because they don't exist. It's just a figment of some people's who have concerns about maybe Martians or other creatures coming to infiltrate our society thinking there are such camps."

Ventura replied, "I have fear of my government, not green monsters in machines from outer space."

Cohen, in reply to Ventura's question about children being kept there, said, "I don't know who the children are and the children are probably very happy."

I'm fairly certain I've seen lines like that in movies where sick Nazis have children in concentration camps. It's flat out creepy. The entire episode is disturbing and thought-provoking, whether you decide you agree with this conspiracy theory or not. But if it's not basically true, then why would the government allegedly place pressure on truTV to stop it from airing again like all the other episodes do? The part that is no conspiracy for certain? This episode has well and truly been removed from if it was censored, how much more of this is true? It provokes deep thoughts of "hmmmm" at the very least.

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