USA PRISM Plus, the perfect NSA photo-sharing app for those who have nothing to hide

Finally, an Android app for those who have 'nothing to hide,' as it randomly snaps photos from your phone and tweets them to the NSA.

I don't watch much TV, but it just so happens that I did recently and it included one of my pet-peeve phrases "nothing to hide." During a HGTV show in which a couple was moving overseas and house hunting, when shown a house with virtually no privacy, the man said it was a good thing they had "nothing to hide." I've heard people use that excuse in all sorts of situations, and you probably have too. So now, the next time you hear someone claim they have "nothing to hide," if they have an Android phone, then please do recommend this app called USA PRISM Plus.

Many different polls have been published since the Snowden leaks, with a surprisingly high number of Americans stating that the NSA surveillance is fine so long as it stops terrorism. In that case, those people surely would be OK with helping the NSA ascertain that they are not involved in terrorist, cybercrime, or other illegal activities.

Redditor and developer Fergus Macpherson described as NSA PRISM Plus on the Google Play store as:

Over 300 million Americans enjoy the services provided by USA PRISM Lite, a vast personal communication data collection network. But it's not just Americans: the NSA's global jurisdiction allows it to serve countless millions more around the world.

Now you can take the next step with USA PRISM Plus, which adds photographic evidence to this collection. Photos taken from your mobile phone without your awareness will be used to determine that you are not engaging in illegal activities. Your activities can be verified by members of the community on Twitter, or you can send the photos straight to the National Security Agency for extra verification.

Satisfied app 5-star user reviews include Tom Fischer: "A pocket full of patriotism. He who would trade liberty for security... deserves a smooth, hassle-free user experience. Freedom has never been so convenient!"

John GW wrote, "I always worried whether or not the NSA was reading my content... Now with PRISM PLUS, I don't have to worry because now they'll have direct access to my Twitter with images to insure I'm not up to terrorist activities! Thank God for the NSA keeping us safe from ourselves. Sometimes laws need to be secret to protect us, and I'm thankful for the US government listening in to everything I do, keeping me safe."

According to NSA PRISM Plus user Dakota Carter's review, "Now I don't have to be afraid of myself. I was worried that one day I might do something against the law, but now that I can give the NSA 100% access to my life, I don't have to be afraid of myself!"

This handy, dandy app can also be used to troll the NSA as Issac Alvarado suggested. "The NSA will love pictures of my desk with my phone down."

Not an American citizen or resident of the U.S., but still want to help the NSA because you have nothing to hide? No problem, as pointed out by Nghia Hoang: "Privacy no more!" He added that the app gives the NSA a "bigger chance than ever to watch" over he and his wife's "activities 24/7. We have nothing to hide to the US government (FYI, I'm not resident in US at all), and I'm sure they will use this useful information about me to catch more terrorists (I don't know how, but I'm sure they are)." He sarcastically concluded, "This app is so awesome."

If you, like me, aren't inclined to install USA PRISM Plus, then just make a mental note to recommend the free Android app to all the people who don't care about privacy and claim they have "nothing to hide." It might also be an excellent recommendation to all the people who overshare on Facebook, so they can overshare with the NSA on Twitter too.

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