68 great ideas for running a security department

Supercharge your team, deliver more business value, identify better metrics, and so much more. A collection of practical ideas from leading CSOs and CISOs.

Looking for inspiration? Want to learn a few new ways to elevate your security game? Can you spare five minutes to think strategically and long-term instead of just putting out another fire?

Then look no further. Weve combed through our archives and come up with 67 of the best, most useful, most interesting ideas for running a great security program. Some are big ideas; some are very small. These tidbits come from security practitioners, industry experts, and some other all-around smart folks, covering new trends and age-old dilemmas. We present them to you here in bite-sized pieces, with topics intentionally intermingled to help get your creative juices flowing.

Tip: Get your highlighter. Read this document until you hit an idea you like. Flag it. Then go try it. Come back again when you're ready for another idea. Well be here.

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