Report: DDoS traffic up 240% in 2014

A report due out later this month from Incapsula says that DDoS traffic is way up.

According to Incapsula, by way of a pitch from their PR team, the total amount of DDoS traffic in 2014 has jumped to 240 percent. The study, which is due to be published next week, took five months to complete and is based on data collected from 154 million unique bot sessions.

Moreover, the study shows that 21 percent of the bots attacked more than 50 targets a month. Of those attacks, more than 80 percent of them were multi-vector, a common tactic that criminals use to ensure their aims are met.

DDoS has been in the news a good deal recently. Earlier this month, was hit by a DDoS attack that hammered the service for days after the company refused to pay a $300 ransom.

A week after Meetup was hit, 162,000 WordPress installations were hijacked to conduct a DDoS attack against an unknown website. Twenty-four hours later, 42,000 WordPress installations were used in a DDoS attack against journalist Brian Krebs' domain.

One week later, DDoS attacks were launched by pro-Russian Ukrainians against NATO domains, following earlier attacks said to have been launched against Russian domains by anti-Russian Ukrainians.

The NATO targets included the primary NATO domain, as well as the websites for their Co-Op Cyber Defense Center and Parliamentary Assembly. Prior to that, the domains of Russia's central bank, foreign ministry, and press agency (Ria Novosti) were targeted by the opposing side.

On Monday, the freelance contracting firm Elance sustained a massive NTP reflection DDoS attack that kept the domain offline for more than a day. Around the same time, oDesk (soon to be merged with Elance) also suffered a similar attack, but that DDoS only lasted for a few hours.


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