Benefit of Security and Privacy Collaboration

This week, Microsoft Executives Ben Fathi and Scott Charney gave respective keynotes at RSA Europe (in London) and the IAPP (international association of privacy professionals) Academy 2007.  More details here.

I was at RSA Europe and saw Ben give his keynote and one of the findings from recent Poneman Institute study was really interesting to me.  I've always been focused on security, with a lesser focus, but awareness, of the privacy perspective, so perhaps that is why this particular chart leapt out at me and I wanted to share it and get further thoughts from you.

I don't have Ben's pretty charts, but I was able to dig around and find a chart with some of the information that Ben displayed (from Microsoft Security and Privacy Research page, if you want to see the full results and other research):


The summary of the chart is that if the Security and Privacy organizations have good collaboration, there was a much lower incidence of data breach.  In contrast, orgs that had poor collaboration were much more likely to experience loss or theft of personal information.


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