Congressional candidate says Democrats leaked his Social Security number

Of course this happened in Florida.

Even as I'm reading that consumers are dumping ID Theft protection services (in my opinion, a questionable proposition at the best of times) there is one person who is signing up for LifeLock:  Lt. Col. Allen West, who's running against Rep. Ron Klein in Florida's 22nd Congressional district.

West is running an ad, claiming that his opponents intentionally included his social security number in a political mailer. The state Democratic part has apparently apologized for the mistake, according to this Fox News report:

The Florida Democratic Party sent a mailer last week featuring a copy of a 2005 tax lien against West, which included his Social Security number.

West isn't satisfied with the apology. He thinks the leak was intentional, and is getting himself a new Social Security number

The lesson here is, as always, watch yourself with those public documents. Redact often and redact properly.

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