Cauldron Gets Rave Reviews from Raytheon

I wrote about CAULDRON back in April of 2009.  It did not get much attention.  Today I would say if you don’t acquire this tool, you are sorely mistaken.

CAULDRON (Combinatorial Analysis Utilizing Logical Dependencies Residing on Networks) is a tool that GMU recently developed to automate vulnerability analysis, the task of examining network security to identify deficiencies and predict the effectiveness of proposed improvements. Vulnerability analysis is performed manually today. To perform this analysis, engineers must find the vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit and the many paths that an attack could take in order to traverse a network and reach the attacker’s target. This has become an intractable task, as systems and networks have grown more complex and as exploits have become more numerous. Given thousands of exploits, vulnerabilities and possible network configurations, vulnerability analysis needs to be automated.

At Raytheon, CAULDRON provides the user with visualizations of its analysis results. It  gives the user information about attack paths, vulnerabilities, and exploits used, as well as recommendations for how network security can be effectively improved with minimal addition of security mechanisms. Raytheon has successfully used a beta version of CAULDRON on multiple engineering programs, both to evaluate its performance and perform vulnerability


On one of these programs, an 81-host system with more than 2,300 open Internet ports was analyzed for vulnerabilities. Current practice would have required engineers to manually interpret vulnerability scan data, find critical attack paths and eliminate critical vulnerabilities. This would have taken weeks to do. CAULDRON found the attack paths, identified the critical

exploits, recommended solutions, and helped eliminate 75 percent of the vulnerabilities

in a few hours. The technology is being transitioned into Raytheon for further use as the technology matures.

Take a look now!

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