Notes From Derbycon

Rather interesting that it seems only like yesterday that I was walking into the lobby of the Hyatt hotel in Louisville Kentucky for Derbycon 2013. I can't seem to forget my time there and I'm very happy about that.

What is Derbycon you ask? Well, it is officially now one of my favorite security conferences out there. Their tag line for this years iteration of the conference was "All In the Family". Now, having been there, I get it. This is the third year of Derbycon which is held in Louisville and it was a great experience.

From the smooth running security team to the swag the attention to detail was evident with this conference.

First off I should explain how the conference is structured. There were five tracks labeled as "Break Me", "Fix Me", "Teach Me", "The 3-Way" and the "Hybrid Room". Each one of these tracks had their own particular bent of course and as a result there was a wide array of excellent talks. When I attend conferences I tend to linger in the proverbial "hallway track" talking with lots of smart folks in between sessions. At Derbycon I found the atmosphere to be very open and welcoming. There was a certain je ne sais quoi that Derbycon has managed to capture and I would very much love to figure out how to bottle it and distribute it to conferences around the world. 

Derbycon is the creation of Dave Kennedy and in this third year incarnation I can safely say that he and his team managed to hit one out of the park. From the great content to the great conversations I was happy that I finally was able to make it out for Derby this year. 

The host hotel was very much behind the conference as was a lot of the local businesses. From the Hyatt to Einstein Brothers serving up coffee and sandwiches to Z's Oyster Bar and Steak house providing excellent dining experiences local business (with a couple of exceptions) were excellent hosts.

As well there were some cameos.

From @DerbyCon: The @SecBarbie hanging with @SecurityPenguin.

— Andy Ellis (@csoandy) September 30, 2013


@Gillis57 This might have been the most disturbing sight @DerbyCon.

— Andy Ellis (@csoandy) September 30, 2013

...some disturbing.

There were some great talks that I was able to attend from Andy Ellis and Josh Corman (yes, full disclosure, they're co-workers) as well as James Arlen. The great bonus for Derbycon is that they were able to get the videos posted online in lightening speed thanks to the tireless work of Adrian Crenshaw and his crew. 

With a few exceptions you can watch almost all of the talks from Derbycon 2013 "All In The Family" from the comfort of your home on your sofa in your bunny slippers. 

Link: Derbycon Videos


I like these slippers.

Image credits Dave Marcus and Katie Moussouris


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